The conference for online corporate communications: Berlin 18-19 June 2019

The Web Effectiveness Conference, which has been running since 2008, is now the Bowen Craggs Conference. We changed the name to reflect a reality that we have been working with for several years - online communications is not just about the web, it is about social media, apps, and whatever other digital devices present themselves in the future. Bowen Craggs has established a reputation for serving the needs of online communication teams in whatever way they need. So it makes sense to use the simplest possible name: our own. 

The conference was born from our popular Web Effectiveness Network meetings, which have also now evolved to become The Bowen Craggs Club, where digital corporate communications managers could discuss their most challenging online issues.

Nowhere else will you meet so many people with the same issues as you - and learn as much about ways to tackle them.

Delegates chatting at our Lisbon conference Comparing notes during a UX clinic sessionLively conversation during our Talking Tables session

Sharing ideas and experiences at our 2018 conference in Lisbon

Attending the conference will enable you to make and maintain contact with high-level peers who are responsible for big complex web estates. Operating across private, public and non-governmental sectors, the conference helps you stay in touch with the key operational and strategic issues‚ and how they are being addressed by fellow members around the world.

All our meetings and conferences are sponsor and vendor free - that means we have to charge more but in return you get to share and learn in open discussions and expand your 'A' network in a social, informal, collegiate atmosphere. It's an opportunity to discuss your challenges with peers at roundtable discussions and real-life presentations with a proper opportunity to question and challenge people who have the same job as you. All in a sales-pitch free environment. 

“If you haven’t participated in similar events, you must attend. If you have seen others, you must attend!”
— Massimo Guarnieri, ENI

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Conference 2019

Watch this space to explore the agenda for our next conference, in Berlin, as it unfolds...

Why attend?

Time to learn from, and network with, peers in online corporate communications in an agency- and vendor-free environment.


Registration for our June 2019 conference is open - book now to join us in Berlin!

Past conferences

Find out what we discussed at previous conferences; the latest was held in Lisbon in June 2018.


Looking to download Conference reports, presentations and other materials? This is the place to do just that.