A ranking of the world's best online corporate communicators

When we published the last Index of Online Excellence, in 2016, we were somewhat gloomy. 'A depressingly large number of companies have a vague idea of the importance of online communication, yet are not giving it the resources it needs,' we wrote. Well, there are signs this may be changing.

Our new Index - the tenth we have published since 2007 - gives reasons to be cautiously hopeful. In particular companies that previously showed no interest at all have all seen the light.

In the downloadable booklet you will find:

  • Commentary by David Bowen
  • Full results tables with scores for the top 30
  • Lessons from the Index leaders
  • Best practice in social media
  • Methodology

In addition to the PDF report, why not read our blog post looking at the leaders in the individual categories. A number of these companies do not feature in the overall top 30, but are outstanding in one particular area...

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