Index of Online Excellence

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A unique ranking of the world's best online communicators

The Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, running since 2007, is established as the most credible ranking of large corporate online estates. Our Index has been published in the Financial Times, Forbes and many other publications around the world.

The Index measures the entire corporate digital presence - global websites, social media, country sites, brand and business sites; across desktop and mobile devices.

We review the largest 200 companies in the world and choose the top 30 companies who are best at serving all their audiences online including: customers, investors, jobseekers, employees, the media, and society at large.

Find out who are the world's best companies at digital communications and learn their lessons for success

2020 themes: Covid, climate and inclusion - why effective digital corporate communications is more important than ever.

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In this section

Global Index 2020

The 12th global Bowen Craggs Index reveals which major corporations are best at managing their digital estate

Interactive results table

Our global Index of Online Excellence is not just one ranking but a consolidation of eight that assess different aspects of an online estate. The interactive results table shows the latest version of this constantly updated ranking

Explain Yourself Index 2019

The latest Bowen Craggs ‘Explain yourself’ Index has a specific US focus, and celebrates the major corporations that are best at telling the world about themselves online

FAQ & methodology

How we measure the effectiveness of a corporate web presence for our global index