Membership benefits

Membership of The Bowen Craggs Club is free and by invitation only, and provides access to a range of benefits

Member-hosted member-only events

The opportunity to network exclusively with fellow professionals in an informal environment is as big a draw as the topics on the agenda.

Meetings are always hosted by a network member and are held at locations around the world. 

Special interest group meetings provide the opportunity for in-depth discussions on specific topics, such as measurement, content strategy and social channels. 

While the meetings and conference are based around topical issues, they invariably develop into lively discussions that reveal practical insights into current challenges and future opportunites for online communications.

Club members can attend as many meetings as they wish or keep up to speed through the Club's community platform and the annual Web Effectiveness Conference.

Web meetings

Regular online, virtual web meetings hosted by the Bowen Craggs team covering a wide range of topics, such as insights from our research findings, updates on our annual Index and briefings on digital trends.

Unique market research

Bowen Craggs carries out regular market research among Club members.

Our recent digital management benchmark survey identified the biggest performance gaps in digital corporate communications, while our annual web analytics benchmark study shines a light on what's changing in visitor's behaviour.

Need to know how to deal with specific issues? Ask the group and get real answers fast.

Our recent study revealed the five biggest performance gaps in corporate digital communications.

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Peer-to-peer networking

Need to know how to deal with a specific challenge? Use our community platform to ask other members for advice and get real answers fast.

Or set up face-to-face meetings with peers in similar roles at other companies to share knowledge on topics such as measurement, content and channel strategy, and creating a high performing digital team.

Membership criteria

There is no cost to join but membership is subject to acceptance and participation in the Bowen Craggs' bespoke research.

Applicants must be senior industry professionals working for large corporate or public sector/non-governmental organizations, and typically fall into one of the following categories:

Senior executive

Senior executive manager with strategic, financial and decision making accountability for corporate digital, eg. Head of corporate communications.

Digital manager

Senior web professional with experience in managing one or more sizeable web estates. Responsible for managing the digital team and delivery of content publishing, measurement and editorial.

Digital practitioner

Experienced hands-on content manager typically responsible for the health of the dotcom website, or a specialist in measurement, usability or search engine optimisation.

Interested in joining The Bowen Craggs Club?

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