Membership benefits

Exclusive access to a wide range of events and resources

Private messaging app 

Club members receive access to Guild, a professional, mobile-friendly messaging platform and the beating heart of the Bowen Craggs Club community. 
Ask a question, seek advice and virtually network within the group. Or direct message another member for a more personal conversation. This is the most efficient way for you to get unbiased answers from digital communications leaders like you. No agencies, no vendors, no sales pitches. 

Access to the Bowen Craggs Index Live

Which companies are leading the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence? Which areas are they strongest in? Members have interactive access to the latest scores, reports and best practice.  

Member-only virtual events 

Access to the full calendar of online web meetings covering these essential topics:  

  • Bespoke member research providing insights into corporate digital teams’ communications strategy, governance, budget, tools and technologies 

  • Our exclusive visitor research benchmark with regular deep dives into how visitors interact with corporate websites 

  • Our series of ‘In conversation with…’ meetings where the Bowen Craggs team speak candidly with a range of special guests, such as Index leaders, senior communications managers and external subject matter experts 

  • Masterclasses are a deep dive for you and your internal stakeholders on each of the key audiences: investors, sustainability, jobseekers, media, customers. What are their needs and how do you serve them well? 

Club resources 

A rich archive of special reports, topical presentations, thought leadership and meeting recordings from the latest Club events all available for download. 

Interested in joining The Bowen Craggs Club? 

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