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Your questions answered - what we do, who we work for and our package of unique services.

A question and answer guide to the essentials

What do you do?

We help organizations to ensure that their websites and other online communication channels are doing the jobs they should be as well as they could be. We do this through strategic advice, expert benchmarking, audience research, performance measurement, best practice, a subscription database and training.

Specifically, a household-name manufacturing company in the US used our benchmarking reports and recommendations to create an action plan of website improvements. We helped a well-known consumer goods company to create corporate website personas based on our visitor survey data. We advised a financial services client through all stages of their global website relaunch - offering feedback on designs, best practice and other advice, resulting in measureable improvements in Net Promoter ScoreTM and brand perception. We mix and match services into a customised package for each client. See 'What we do' for more details.

Who are your clients?

Typically, large companies with complex communication needs. Most, though not all, operate internationally. Many of the world’s largest and best known companies count on our advice. Iur client list includes 25 of the world's largest 200 companies by market capitalization; three of the top 10 and five of the top 20 companies in the Fortune Global 500; nine of the top 10 FTSE companies; and one of the FANG companies.

When would clients use you?

Before relaunching their website, to develop a solid and sustainable online strategy. After launching it, to ensure that it is as effective as it can be and does not degrade over time. At any time, to get to grips with the current state of your online communications. When you have a specific need, to analyse particular issues. Our experience shows that successful digital communications is rooted in dedication to 'governance with confidence' and continuous improvement - ensuring that business goals intersect with audience needs to find the points of tension that need to be resolved.

Do you cover social media?

Yes. We advise clients on all corporate digital communications channels, and that includes group-level social media. Our Index benchmarking methodology includes the evaluation of social media channels across its 26 metrics, and we conduct 'social media deep dives' which include recommendations and best practice specifically for social media channels. We have recently conducted a social media deep dive for one of the largest companies in the world.

How do you deliver your work?

In various ways - through written reports, presentations and via our subscription-only best practice database. Clients find our in-person and virtual debrief meetings especially useful. In these meetings, which last anywhere from half an hour to a half a day, we go onto the web and analyse the client's site live, and visiting other sites to llustrate best practice. We run similar meetings for communicating findings to bosses and other internal stakeholders. Our 'work' is also delivered more informally, through quick phone calls or emails, answering questions and discussing issues.

Why can't my digital agency provide the same services?

Agencies have strengths, but they cannot offer our independence, experience or ability to transfer knowledge to clients. We often complicment each other's services, working closely to provide advice and help projects run smoothly, but always sitting on your side of the table. Whether we work clostely with the agency or not, however, we help you prioritise the right things and make your digital channels generate all the benefits they can for your company.

What is the return on investment?

We can help you to turn online channels into powerful tools that polish your reputation, increase sales, satisfy investors, impress journalists, improve customer service, raise the quality of recruits and much more. Returns can be financial - for example, we saved a telecommunications company US$500,000 in external costs by supplying advice and best practice, meaning they did not need to spend money on an agency strategy and said no to unnecessary and expensive gimmicks. Another client saw an overall uplift in NPS score of 24 percent and a 13 percent improvement in brand perception after working with us for a website re-launch. Returns can also be intangible, but no less real - making your storytelling more distinctive for example. Working with us leads to a more successful, longer-lasting and lower-cost online presence.