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We can improve your online communications using our proven approach and robust methodology

Naturally, that raises some questions - discover more about who we are, what we deliver and how we do it

A question and answer guide to the essentials

What do you do?

We help organizations ensure that their websites and other online communication channels are doing the jobs they should be as well as they could be. How we help depends on their needs, which we discuss with them in detail. It can involve benchmarking/analysis, visitor research, strategic consulting or any combination of these. All can be delivered in the form of detailed reports with recommended actions, through presentations and taking part in a discussion or brainstorming, in one-off projects or by providing support over time. 

Who are your clients?

Typically, large companies with complex communication needs. Most, though not all, operate internationally. Many of the world’s largest private corporations and governmental and non-governmental organizations count on our advice on their online communications strategies. We have more than 50 clients among the Fortune Global 500 and almost a quarter of companies we have produced work for appear in the top 100 of the Financial Times Global 500. 

When would they use you?

Before relaunching their website, to develop a solid and sustainable online strategy. After launching it, to ensure that it is as effective as it can be and does not degrade over time. At any time, to get to grips with the current state of their online communications. When they have a specific need, to analyse particular issues. 

Could we not get the same services from our existing digital agency?

In theory, perhaps, but it cannot offer our independence, experience or ability to transfer knowledge to clients. Think of us as architects: we do not build houses, but by understanding the needs of the owner and the capabilities of the builders, we ensure that the structure does everything it should, well. That said, we often work closely with agencies, providing advice and helping projects run smoothly. It is a matter of division of skills, as happens in any industry as it matures. Some things we can do better; other things they can. By respecting each other’s strengths we can provide an unbeatable service for web estate owners. 

Where is the return on investment?

We can help you to turn online channels into powerful tools that polish your reputation, increase sales, satisfy investors, impress journalists, improve customer service, raise the quality of recruits and much more. We also assist you to be more effective online by reducing mistakes and cutting development time. The proof of the value is that most of our clients come back to us with further projects. A cost-effective route into our services is our results-sharing benchmark database, which is linked to a networking group.

What are your methods?

They vary according to the project but there are two invariable elements. First, we spend time getting to grips with the client’s needs. Second, we identify relevant best practice through benchmarking and/or other techniques. Beyond this we have a range of methods, including in-depth interviews, online surveys, investigation of web analytics and the application of our own experience and expertise.

What are your fees?

We charge based on a day rate, with a price individually quoted and fixed in advance. The exception is for subscriber access to our database, which is at a set price.

How do I find out more?

Click on the What we do links in the top navigation or on the related links to the right to learn about our consultancy services or look at The Bowen Craggs Club page. E-mail Dan Drury Call Dan Drury on +44 (0)20 7193 7554 (office) or +44 (0)7786 707434 (mobile)