About Bowen Craggs

A unique research and consultancy group, our sole focus is online corporate communications - websites, digital media and social channels

Our goal is to help you close the gap between what you are doing online, and what you could be doing

Bowen Craggs & Co helps large organizations maximise the effectiveness of their websites and other online tools, using techniques we have refined over the past 15 years.

We start from the belief that an effective online presence should be aligned with business goals and visitors’ needs. We then help clients bring these closer together through internal, external and expert views that combine deep analysis with actionable recommendations.

We are based in London, but have a worldwide client base. We have worked for more than 50 of the biggest global corporations as well as large public sector organizations.

We have built up a powerful network of online communications professionals, including managers from more than 500 organizations in 26 countries. We run regular in-person and virtual meetings through The Bowen Craggs Club, including an annual conference, as well as an online forum.

We publish the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, which is established as the most credible ranking of large corporate online estates, and which is driven by deep database of online communications best practice. The 'Explain yourself' Index is also emerging as a key index of the companies that best harness their online estate to manage their repultation.

On this site you will find coverage of the latest Index as well as a library of exclusive pieces written by David Bowen, our co-founder and a long-standing columnist for the Financial Times and ft.com, and other consultants from the company.

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