BT Group : Summaries in the results archive

Visitors to the telecom giant’s financial archive can easily see summaries of historical financial material for any quarter without leaving the page.

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The feature

The financial results archive page in BT Group’s corporate website investor section has a series of clickable boxes listed horizontally according to financial year – from 2017/2018 back to 2004/2005.

When clicked, the box is highlighted in purple and a series of click-to-expand menus appears for each of the four quarters and any supplemental reporting or updates.

For example, the menu under 2016/17, ‘Fourth quarter and year to 31 March 2017’, expands to include key developments for the year, a statement from the CEO and links to the press release, webcasts, slides, etc.

Unusually, the ‘Key developments’ and CEO statement text are not links, but provided within the menu.

The takeaway

Including summary performance information in HTML directly in the click-to-expand menus – rather than providing these as separate linked pages – makes it easier for analysts to do research across years and reporting periods.

It also helps that the set for each quarter is comprehensive and that file formats are clearly signposted with icons.

One drawback is that PDFs open in the same window, forcing visitors to use the back button on their browsers if they want to return to the archive, but this is a weakness across the whole site, not just the investors section. Another weakness is that press releases jump into the media section, which is on an older template, without any obvious way back.

Despite these drawbacks, the summaries on the archive page itself are an efficient and usable resource for investors.
First published 03 October, 2017
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