The Walt Disney Company : Sprinkling charts with fairy dust

Disney's exceptional visual presentation makes IR tools more appealing as well as more usable.

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The feature

The Investor Relations section of Disney’s corporate site offers a series of visually distinctive interactive share price charts and graphs. Fonts are tightly consistent with the entertainment giant’s well-known brand style; while sub-menus, check-boxes and buttons are prominent and clearly labelled. While the presentation is unusual, the functionality of the share price tools is conventional and therefore intuitive.

The takeaway

Like job vacancy search tools, interactive share price charts on corporate sites often look crude, dated and indistinctive. Even though it is built on a conventional share price chart platform (provided by third-party specialist Investis), Disney’s exceptionally slick visual presentation of it shows how much clearer and more aesthetically appealing - and as a result easier to use - such tools can be.
First published 19 January, 2016
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