Humax : Spoiling the topping

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The Site

Humax, a Korea-based digital set-top box manufacturer, exposes limitations in its approach to the implementation of on-site technology. The feature Humax features a ‘Top’ link in the corner of pages across its global web site and related country/regional sites (with one exception, Netherlands, which uses a different template). The link is anchored at bottom right and remains contained within the browser window when the page is scrolled, allowing users to skip back to the top of the current page at any point. However, this is the case only when viewed in Internet Explorer on a PC. On other major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and on both PC and Mac, the link is fixed at top left and disappears when the page is scrolled.

The Takeaway

The concept behind Humax’s ‘Top’ tool – enabling users to jump back to main navigation on long pages – is sound. It may be no coincidence that similar user-friendly tools are gaining support around the web in tandem with the trend toward more social media-like environments and the deeper scrolling associated with them. However, Humax has committed a fundamental oversight in failing to check the tool’s compatibility across a spectrum of browser and operating system combinations, thus rendering the feature useless for many users. Although the tool works seamlessly on the web’s most popular browser (Internet Explorer) it provides no benefit for the ever-growing segment of Chrome, Firefox and Safari users on PC or Mac. Presumably Humax did not set out to alienate them but, worse, it may cause them to question the company’s technical competence, which is the opposite of what a maker of digital hardware should be aiming for.
First published 22 March, 2012
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