Rockwool International : Sharing its identity

A company Facebook page not of its making.

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The feature

Rockwool International, Denmark-based producer of insulation materials, has a Facebook page that it may know nothing about. Rockwool deploys a suite of sharing tools on its global corporate site, including for Facebook, but has no links to an official company Facebook page. A Rockwool International page can be found easily by anyone using a search engine to track down Rockwool on Facebook. The page carries the Rockwool International name, claims ’15 people like this’ and offers five Related Searches but is otherwise blank apart from stock Facebook notices.

The takeaway

Rockwool has a page on Facebook that the evidence points to it knowing nothing about but which could strike anyone finding it as a sign of an indifferent or attitude to the channel. It’s also likely that it is the victim not of passing off in the accepted sense, but of a faceless collateral consequence of Facebook systems. Rather than being a registered Facebook page, the Rockwool International page probably reflects the fact that someone on Facebook has tagged Rockwool International as a company (an employee, for example). In a similar vein, Rockwool International A/S is also tagged as a ‘place’ on Facebook, with address and photographs appearing against the tag (because Facebook users have tagged their photographs with the ‘Rockwool International A/S’ tag). But again this is not a Facebook page run by the company. The incidence of such pages is, though, a reminder of the growing importance for all online communications managers of monitoring social media channels – because their companies probably have a presence on these channels whether they like it or not.
First published 14 March, 2013
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