Daimler : Retiring the blog, and creating a magazine

Automotive giant takes more editorial control over its thought leadership

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The feature

Daimler has replaced its long-running ‘Daimler-blog’ with a ‘Magazine for Mobility and Society'.

The magazine differs in several ways from the blog, which was established in 2007. It is part of the main corporate site, rather than a separate microsite. Most pieces are written or edited by a small professional team, whereas the blog had more than 1,200 writers over its lifetime. And the magazine is much more about the company’s culture and approach to mobility in general, than the blog, which focused on vehicles.

The takeaway

Fewer editors and tighter editorial control means the magazine does a better job of explaining the company's approach to sustainability, and staying in sync with the company’s messages on the rest of the site and other channels.

Writing is clear and engaging, and headlines often encourage the user to click, such as 'The Strong Gender', an article for International Women's Day. Even when occasional articles are written by other employees, the expertise of professional editors is clear.

Lists are used to add interest, such as '100 things about Daimler' and 'Caraoke' (a series about songs inspired by cars): this is done infrequently and well enough not to seem like click-bait. Images are excellent too.

It will not be the right decision for all companies to abandon their blogs (there is still much to recommend the format); and there is no reason that blogs and magazines could not co-exist on a site, given enough resources.

However, Daimler’s pivot does show the benefits of professionalising thought leadership, and concentrating editorial efforts on fewer, but higher-quality articles.

First published 23 March, 2020
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