Volkswagen AG : Reporting delay

An old model of a report is left in the showroom.

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The feature

Volkswagen AG, Germany based vehicle maker, offers an old model in the guise of its latest annual report. Volkswagen’s group site has a link on its home page to its current 2012 annual report in three formats, including the free version for iPad. At the Apple Store the app can be located by searching for ‘Volkswagen AG annual report’. The annual report app offered for download is the 2011 version. There is no 2012 alternative, and a search for ‘Volkswagen AG annual report 2012’ returns no matches.

The takeaway

On the face of it Volkswagen looks to have wheeled out the 2012 version of its annual report (back in March 2013) but has left last year’s model on display in one of its showrooms. It’s hardly the best ad for its quality control and could be acutely embarrassing if any analysts download the app in a hurry and don’t spot the discrepancy between the advertised and available versions. Whatever the explanation – the website links were automatically updated, the app is late being released or has been held up for weeks in the Apple Store approval process – there’s clearly a maintenance management issue at the core. Corporate apps may be losing their initial appeal, but surely someone in the company must be keeping an eye on this one.
First published 07 May, 2013
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