Goldman Sachs : Quizzing candidates

Potential job applicants are put to the test.

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The feature

Goldman Sachs, US-based investment bank, is inviting potential job applicants to put themselves to the test. Goldman Sachs’ main featured-content panel on its global home page is currently an illustrated invitation to Explore Goldman Sachs Careers Quiz. Potential job applicants are urged to try the “new” quiz as “a staring point to learn more about the firm, our businesses and our people”. On click through the jobseeker must first complete a set of simple profiling questions (for example, level of education, area of study, preferred location). These determine the questions for the quiz proper, which consists of a sequence of 14 business scenarios with multiple-choice options for what course of action the individual would take or what aspect of the situation they would want to be involved in. At the end of the quiz a results page shows Your Top Matches – the three divisions recommended “as a starting point”. Each division is summarised in terms of its role and responsibilities along with a set of four thumbnail headshots of division staff under the heading Meet Our People. Summaries and thumbnails are linked to further information. More links are provided in a Share These Results panel that also includes sharing links (e-mail, Twitter etc) and links to the job search tool, careers blog and the start of the quiz.

The takeaway

Career quizzes of the ’find your niche’ type have been around for longer than most employees, though they are found much less frequently than the ideal candidate. Goldman Sachs’ debutant illustrates their value when they are done well. Its promotion on the home page is rare, if not unprecedented, and gives a clue to its potential benefit to the company: regulating the number and quality of applications its HR/recruitment team has to handle. Jobseekers are consistently the largest single group of site visitor and the appearance of Goldman’s quiz on its home page coincides with a peak time for final year college students to focus on job hunting. The quiz is an engaging way to guide them into and around the careers content (the format is a perennial feature in lifestyle magazines) but also a self-selection filter that delivers a smaller pool of better quality applicants to the HR/recruitment team. Potential candidates are either gently persuaded to drop out (by the nature of the questions or the length of the quiz) or are steered to the potentially most mutually beneficial job paths.
First published 21 February, 2013
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