Air Liquide : Photo sharing

A French multinational promotes itself to private investors with well-executed online ‘portraits’.

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The feature

Air Liquide, the French industrial gases giant, has a ‘Portraits of shareholders’ feature in its ‘2015 online shareholders guide’, a microsite that is signposted from the private shareholders section of its main website.

The feature is themed around striking black and white photographic images of about seven of Air Liquide’s private shareholders – five individuals, a couple and a family. The portraits are accompanied by interesting quotes about why they invest, and there is a link to a behind-the-scenes video, ‘The highlights of the photo shoot’.

The takeaway

The feature stands out for its editorial quality. Aside from the professional nature of the images themselves, the supporting quotes read well and the subjects are suitably differentiated. One shareholder inherited shares from her grandmother; another appreciates Air Liquide’s philanthropy; another is a former intern with the company and first-time shareholder.

The underlying message says, ‘we value private shareholders and treat them well’, something French companies tend to excel at. There is a lot to see in the section (as well as in the rest of the guide and the main website), but the amount of content is appropriate, because individual shareholders often have more time to browse than most visitors to corporate websites.
First published 11 November, 2015
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