Le Tour : Mapping followers

Dynamic presentation brings Tweeters together to share in an event.

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The feature

Le Tour, official website of the annual Tour de France bicycle race, provides an interactive social dimension for online fans of each day’s action.

Le Tour includes a section called ‘The social corner’ in a universal features menu at the foot of pages. The link leads to a page showing a world map in silhouette which is dotted with yellow location markers that are continuously added to (indicated by an initial pulsing effect) and periodically removed. Clicking on a marker launches a pop-up panel showing an individual Tweet. A running counter alongside the map shows the number of ‘mentions’ for the day’s stage of the race and the total number for the event to date. An in-page panel is also provided for fans to type and post a Tweet.

Scrolling the page reveals illustrated league tables of riders and teams ranked by the number of mentions they have received. Clicking on a name triggers a pop-up window containing the rider’s or team’s own Twitter feed.

The takeaway

Le Tour’s ‘Social corner’ sends out a pretty strong message of its own about the organisation’s ability to manage, coordinate and innovate around the promotion as well as the running of its three-week showpiece race. To be sure it is only among the leaders in Twitter mapping of events rather than alone ahead of the pack, but it has found an appropriate use of the feature (sports fans are big on commenting in viewing; it has an international audience) and built an engaging and dynamic presentation around it. The rankings and links to team and rider Twitter feeds also work well together in the event context.

It’s not too hard to see how, given the right context, Twitter (or other social media) mapping could have legs for global companies. It could work well with a major worldwide event or a global corporate responsibility initiative, for example.

First published 17 July, 2014
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