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Conflicting impressions are generated by multiple location finders.

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The feature

Boeing, US-based aircraft manufacturer, gives conflicting impressions of which countries it is actively recruiting in.

Boeing provides several routes within its careers section to current vacancies. A Quick Job Search & Apply tool offers keyword and Occupation filters along with an Advanced Search option that introduces a Countries filter covering 104 territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (with further customised options triggered for region/state/city). Within the Locations sub-section an interactive map has links to information pages for 16 ‘featured countries’ and offers a ‘Select a Country’ dropdown beneath the map to “explore all of Boeing’s Worldwide Locations”; this adds 19 options to the featured 16. Search & Apply, an element in the Jobs & Events sub-section menu, offers a Browse by Location list of 11 options that mixes continental regions (Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East, and Africa) with countries; a View All link expands the list to show region/state/city options as well as more countries.

When a Location is nominated users are taken to a country or regional information page that includes a list of open vacancies or leads to notification that ‘There are currently no positions available’.

The takeaway

On one level there is an admirable consistency to Boeing’s job search offer: no matter from which of the possible entry points jobseekers set out, if location is used as a filter their path takes them to a standard geography specific list of vacancies or a notification that no jobs are currently available. Nevertheless, the very variety of routes does generate room for confusion and unnecessary frustration because of the differing range of options presented. For example, does the inclusion of Afghanistan in the Advanced Search list mean Boeing employs people there, even though the search currently draws a blank and the country – along with 68 others – is not included in the selection of “all” worldwide locations offered elsewhere? Or will it always produce a fruitless journey? And what about Belgium and Israel, which appear in the Locations dropdown but not in Search & Apply’s ‘browse by’ list for Europe, Middle East, and Africa?

Much of the problem stems from the apparent lack of correlation between the generic search tool that drives the Search & Apply function and the select group identified as “all of Boeing’s Worldwide Locations”. The search tool is almost certainly an off-the-shelf one that could be made more helpful to jobseekers if it were better aligned with the reality of Boeing’s recruitment footprint as presented in other areas.
First published 08 April, 2014
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