ING Group : Inviting Facebook comments

The Dutch financial services group uses a Facebook plugin that allows the social network’s users to comment on articles on the corporate website.

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The Site

ING is using the Facebook comments plugin on feature stories in its ‘Newsroom’ section. If users are logged in to Facebook, they can post a comment at the end of articles.

The Takeaway

We have not seen the Facebook plugin used on a corporate website before. It is an interesting experiment at a time when many companies are looking at how best to interact with Facebook and other social networks.

So far, the results are mixed from what we can see. Many recent articles do not have comments. Some articles from earlier this year have four or five – see for example ‘ING is inside of me’ from May 15th. The comments we checked were a mix of employee remarks and random queries unrelated to the topic. We did not see any that were hostile though, which is probably the biggest risk to opening up corporate articles to Facebook.

We have noted ING’s willingness in the past to try new things online. This is another example; and one worth watching to see how it develops.
First published 19 July, 2017
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