T.Rowe Price : Investing in Facebook

Active management and a clear strategy encourage likes.

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The feature

T.Rowe Price, US-based investment management firm, operates its Facebook page to generate extra interest.

T,Rowe Price provides a link to its Facebook page consistently from its corporate and related sites, such as for specific products and services. The content is aimed at US customers rather than global audiences. Wall posts include hints to ensure consumers are getting the most out of their savings, preparing for the future and handy tips for keeping on track.

Content is posted frequently and personalised answers are regularly provided to user comments; for example, “We encourage you to call us at [freephone number] so we can better understand your request and provide you with the best assistance”.

The takeaway

T.Rowe Price has a clear remit for its Facebook page: it is entirely concerned with getting people to think about money and plan financially. But thanks to good management of the content, including integration with information in other channels, what could be a dull and worthy site succeeds in being colourful and interesting. For example, some posts link to educational games and relevant information on the Individual Investors site, though others are light-hearted teasers to generate discussion.

A notable feature is the inclusion of a customer service element in the addressing of individual questions, generally by offering either a point of contact or a link to helpful content elsewhere – the latter neatly providing an FAQ-like pointer for other visitors, while both reinforce a sense of responsive relationship that suggests T.Rowe Price is at home in the Facebook environment. Certainly its approach appears to work, with an engaged user base and more than 78,800 ‘likes’, an increase of 2,000 over the past six weeks.


First published 13 March, 2014
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