Deutsche Bank : Infographic overload

It is unclear who benefits from an online compendium of CSR-related infographics.

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The feature

Deutsche Bank, the German financial services giant, has a page on its corporate website with 25 infographics on different aspects of the bank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies: eg, on palm oil, sustainable investment funds, supporting the arts, employee diversity, etc.

They are held as thumbnails within a ‘Data center’ in the Responsibility section and when we looked last week were signposted from the home page, although when we checked this week the home page signposts had been removed. Clicking onto a thumbnail leads to a larger view (bigger than a desktop screen) and a small ‘more’ button, which often leads to pages advertising the bank’s advisory services in that area.

The takeaway

We can see the point of infographics if they are well done and small enough to be seen on a screen or be printed out. However, we do not see how the ones on the Deutsche Bank site can work on anything other than an enormous screen, or how they can be easily printed out, except on enormous paper.

This goes to larger point of who the infographics are for? The ‘more’ buttons below them lead to pages describing advisory services, so Deutsche Bank may be intending them for customers. But aside from the impracticalities of size and shape, they are overly wordy visually uninspiring. The static design looks increasingly old-fashioned given the growing prevalence of interactive features that use the web more imaginatively.
First published 17 June, 2015
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