Total : Illuminating an advertising campaign

A microsite goes behind the scenes to tell how a global advertising campaign was conceived, designed and launched.

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The feature

Total, the France-based oil giant, has an ‘Advertising Campaign’ link at the top of every page on its corporate website.

The link leads to a microsite ‘designed to introduce you to our corporate advertising campaign’. Visitors can browse a wealth of interesting materials around the launch: different-length versions of the commercial, including a ‘making of’ video; stills from the display advertising; background on the photographer, filmmaker and composer; and see ‘key figures’ – eg, 21 countries, display advertising in 15 airports, 250 people involved in the creation of the campaign, etc.

The takeaway

Total’s advertising microsite is a particularly well-executed example of how corporates have started to adopt the ‘making of’ trend in the wider culture – letting viewers in on how popular movies or television programmes are produced.

In the corporate context, self-referential content can work well if it is interesting enough, and Total tells a compelling – and frequently surprising – story about how much effort goes into corporate commercials and airport billboards.

If others have a suitably compelling material, it may be worth taking the time to package it and let people ‘behind the scenes’ for a look.
First published 16 March, 2016
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