SAP : Glass half full

A German software giant promotes itself to jobseekers on a candid employer rating site.

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The feature

Glassdoor is a US-based website where employees and former employees can post anonymous reviews of their experiences, trade salary information and share gossip about what to expect at interviews.

Many of the world’s largest companies are rated on the site, but SAP, which has accumulated a total of 3,700 reviews, is unusual in sending its own website visitors there. There is a panel promoting Glassdoor at the bottom of the SAP Careers landing page – ‘Candid. Transparent. Honest employee reviews.’

On the Glassdoor page for SAP, before visitors get to the reviews, there are promotional ‘company updates’, and a pitch to jobseekers; a right column runs alongside the reviews with links to SAP’s social media channels, company videos on YouTube, etc.

The takeaway

Glassdoor has been around since 2008, and has gained traction with jobseekers, especially in the US, for its unvarnished look at potential employers. However, SAP is one of the first large companies we have seen promoting Glassdoor on its own site and posting content there. (A limited amount of company content can be posted for free; for more, there is a fee.)

The fact that many large companies either do not yet publish on Glassdoor (or at least do not promote it in their website careers sections) probably reflects the risks. SAP may have calculated that many of its US-based recruiting pool will be looking anyway, so they might as well engage and try to influence, if not completely control, the message they see.
First published 18 May, 2016
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