United Technologies : Flagging up its parts

A secondary bar provides a universal window into group sites.

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The Site

United Technologies, a US-based conglomerate, provides a universal preview bar for its main group companies. A secondary navigation bar at the top of all pages above the header contains the names of six subsidiary companies. Clicking on any of the company names reveals a panel of information about the company. Each panel carries a brief written overview of the selected company, as well as a link to its website that opens the site in a new window. Four of the six panels also feature two news items about the company which when clicked lead to the story within the featured company's press or news section.

The Takeaway

United Technologies’ top navigation bar differs from the usual top-of-page utility string in providing visitors with a quick and simple way to get to know, and visit the websites of the group’s constituent companies. Its inclusion is particularly appropriate for a conglomerate, which may be better recognised by its parts than its whole, as well as being a useful aid to navigation on two counts. Rather than users having to find a dedicated page offering links to subsidiary sites, the universal bar allows them to move out quickly to any of the six subsidiary sites from any page on the site and while retaining the ‘parent’ site within instant reach. In addition, users are able to read a brief overview of each company, a previewing aid not available with a standard dropdown menu. The addition of latest news items adds more depth and potential engagement.

First published 02 August, 2012
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