PR Newswire : Flagging multimedia

A professional service shows how to signal richer content.

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The feature

PR Newswire, UK-based news distribution service, provides graphic guidance to the supporting resources in news releases.

PR Newswire has a News Releases library in its subscription service for journalists that lists release headlines in conventional reverse date order (most recent first). Where a release includes access to supporting rich content such as photographs or videos this is indicated by a graphic symbol at the end of the headline; for example, a camera for each photograph, a loudspeaker for audio content (podcast, conference call).

The library is organised by category (for example, Energy, General Business) and can be filtered by date. In addition, any selection can be further refined to identify only releases With Photos or With Video/Audio.

The takeaway

Such is the low incidence of companies adding rich content to their online news releases – due at least in part to the offline roots or continued focus of their media relations activity – that many will find PR Newswire of little interest or relevance. That may be a shortsighted view, however, as a quick look at the library lists on PR Newswire reveals a surprising number of releases with direct access to related resources. Factor in the strengthening trends toward multimedia and ‘storytelling’ content, and now looks like a good time to review online news release content and, if you are already enriching it, how well it’s presented for quick reference and ease of use.

PR Newswire provides an ideal template: instinctive indicators of the resources available in a release (and even their number) and the ability to search by type of rich content (photos etc) in addition to standard date and category filtering. The company makes a living by serving journalists, a target corporate audience – who better to pick up ideas from to improve your own service?
First published 15 April, 2014
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