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'Highlights' are offered to satisfy a hunger for multi-channel content.

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The feature

Kellogg, US-based breakfast foods company, includes an extra ingredient in its news releases.

Kellogg provides standard links to full versions of its news releases from headlines on the landing page of its Newsroom section and the News Releases/Statements archive within it. Included among the contents in some releases is a set of ‘highlight’ links designed for use in a Twitter feed.

The links are variously labelled (for example, ‘Tweetable Highlights’, ‘Suggested Tweets’, ‘Highlights’) and may be positioned before the body of the release or at the end of it. They incorporate a live link to a related web page.

The takeaway

Twitter is established as a staple source of story leads for journalists and news reporters, but Kellogg’s inclusion of Twitter highlights in its news release packets serves a different hunger. Here, links are being provided as oven-ready tweets for the reporter’s (or blogger’s) to add to their own news feeds.

It’s a variation on catering to the working needs of time-pressed reporters that recognises and exploits the increasing pressure on them to service a range of channels even as journalistic staff are being cut back. Many will be tempted by the offer of cut-and-pasteable tweets and pour the material complete with its links to Kellogg web pages into their own feeds. And, as Kellogg probably is astutely aware, the appetite for it is likely to grow as more organisations, particularly at a local level, develop a ‘news aggregator’ (rather than producer) publishing model.
First published 01 May, 2014
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