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Skilfully written and presented profiles effectively introduce the scientists and engineers at the German engineering company.

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The feature

Bosch’s global corporate website has 35 profiles of its research experts in a ‘Get to know our researchers’ section, which is housed in a primary ‘Research’ section.

The landing page displays each profile in a click-to-expand panel with a photograph of the subject at work. Opening the panel reveals another image and short summary, written in first-person (eg, for Dr Raphaëlle Satet, ‘I am a materials scientist by training and joined Bosch in 2005 to work first on ceramics design.’).

Clicking the ‘More about me’ tab leads to an expanded profile page, with a pull quote, presumably by a famous figure who has inspired the subject – eg, for Dr Satet, ‘As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. Antoine d Saint-Exupéry.’ Each profile page is organized similarly – with highlights of the subject’s CV, ‘Selected Publications’, a Q&A, and an email address to ‘Get in touch with me.’

The takeaway

Bosch’s ‘Get to know our researchers’ are well executed at every level. Navigation is simple and consistent, allowing readers to browse three levels, drilling down to get to more detail.

The presentation is modern and attractive, with creative photography (no sign of stock imagery or clichés here). The writing is pitched at general readers and describes complex scientific topics in simple, but not dumbed down, language. Linking to articles in professional journals reinforces the subjects’ expertise. Asking readers to ‘get in touch’ promotes open-ness and may be genuinely helpful for recruitment, for example.

Many companies talk about ‘innovation’ online – Bosch shows how effective it can be to open up about the people whose job it is to make the innovation happen.
First published 08 July, 2019
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