Duke Energy : Excavating the past to illustrate the present

Duke Energy has found a new way of engaging visitors by looking to the past

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The feature

Duke Energy’s Illumination blog, promoted on the Our Company landing page, includes a Retro section. Each story has photos on a theme, with ‘Can you ID these old photos?’ at the top. They range from bosses (‘Who is the CEO?’) to Fun and Games (‘We think this photo is from the 1970s taken at a Cincinatti Gas & Electric picnic at Coney Island’). In each case the readers are asked to identify people or places and send memories by email to ‘help us improve our records’.

Several of the posts have a ‘Mysteries solved!’ epilogue, with a past picture published, who it is, and who has identified it.

The takeaway

It is a struggle for companies to get any sort of interaction going on a website, but this is a gentle and effective way of doing it. Although it does help Duke ‘improve its records’, we suspect this is not the main motivation (or at least advantage). Most of the responses are going to come from current or future employees, but what better way of keeping in touch with them? And the general reader will find the photos interesting too: just seeing how we dressed in the Seventies is still a source of amazement.

First published 26 November, 2018
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