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Enhancements expand a locator tool into a company information feature.

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The Site

Ramboll, a Denmark-based engineering group, broadens the appeal of its locations finder to reach a wider audience. Ramboll features a Worldwide option in its primary navigation bar that launches an interactive office locations finder powered by Google Maps. Three types of location are marked on a world atlas: country head offices (with blue ‘pins’); local offices (dark green pins) and ‘Selected Projects’ (pink). A toolbar within the atlas allows filtering of location type by check box, and by country from a dropdown list. It also has a selection of download options including current view and Export (an XML document). Zooming in and clicking on a location pin generates an information overlay panel. For country head offices and local offices the panel displays contact information (the full range covers postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website). Selected Project panels carry a brief overview of the company’s involvement in the project, with a link leading to further information held on a page within the site’s Projects section, which opens in a new window.

The Takeaway

Ramboll’s Worldwide feature is first and foremost a searchable directory of its global operations. It has been fashioned and enhanced, however, not only to optimise its usability but also to perform as a company information feature. Initially it does this simply by giving visitors a visual impression of the company’s global distribution at a glance. So far, so unexceptional; but the inclusion of an additional strand of information concerning major engineering projects adds an interesting editorial dimension. Advantage has been taken of the Google Maps API, allowing projects to be highlighted geographically while providing cross links to more detailed information held elsewhere on the site. The internal toolbar adds to the usability of the feature (with its sets of filters) and its usefulness (the download facility). These could be better explained, as could the scope of the content, in particular its project summaries. While the Worldwide label will draw a wider audience than would ‘directory’ or ‘location finder’, more needs to be provided by way of introduction to ensure that having built it people who come will appreciate it fully.

First published 01 May, 2012
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