Swiss Re : Engaging CSR contacts

Named contacts for queries are highly visible throughout an insurance giant’s online corporate responsibility section

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The feature

The ‘Corporate responsibility’ section on Swiss Re’s corporate website has prominent signposts to CSR contacts, with headshots and links to phone numbers, on several tertiary and deeper pages.

For example, midway down the ‘Our approach to corporate responsibility’ page, there are two ‘Contact’ panels. One of these has a named contact, with headshot, and job title and a link to ‘View profile’, which lets users send a message via an email form.

Similar panels appear throughout the section and follow a similar format as contacts in the Investors and Media sections.

The takeaway

It is still unusual to find named contacts for CSR on corporate websites – most companies do very little. Some go as far as providing a generic email address buried in the CSR report PDF; many do not provide one at all.

Swiss Re’s approach shows a refreshing openness. Even if the majority of visitors do not choose to get in touch, the fact that they are able to is likely to leave them with a good impression of the company. The company is also increasing the chances of building relationships with CSR professionals, a small but influential audience.

Although signposting of contacts is excellent, Swiss Re would benefit from more consistency – not all of the contacts have headshots for example, and some links lead to direct phone numbers, while others do not. Direct email addresses, which are not included, could also be useful for professional audiences as well.
First published 23 January, 2019
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