Generali : Deeply modern

An Italian insurer introduces responsive design and keeps left menus at deeper levels.

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The feature

Generali’s corporate website relaunched with responsive design recently, meaning the screen size adjusts automatically to fit any screen size. The new home page and section landing pages, following current fashion, have striking banner images that fill the screen. On these pages, users must scroll for additional content and navigate primarily via mega dropdown menus.

Unusually, Generali has kept left menus at tertiary and deeper levels. They appear, for example, if clicking into ‘What we do > What is insurance’ from the dropdown menu, or from links on the landing pages. On a smartphone, the left menus collapse into a hamburger icon in the top left of the screen.

The takeaway

We have written extensively about ‘the navigation challenge’, how to make corporate websites look up to date without losing usability.

Few websites have got the right balance yet, but Generali’s approach manages to mix a contemporary look and feel without reducing usability at lower levels. The mega dropdown panel is comprehensive and relatively easy to use, which makes navigating from the home page and landing pages reasonably straightforward.

A few other companies have kept left menus after a responsive relaunch, but Generali stands out because the initial look on the home page is so modern. Because of this, there is a visual jolt in moving from one template to another when the left menus appear, but visitors, especially those new to the site, will appreciate the ability to navigate at complex levels of the site more easily.
First published 04 November, 2015
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