Aviva : Corporate values in the real world

The UK-based insurance company illustrates its corporate values online by using relevant examples and engaging videos.

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The feature

Each of Aviva’s four corporate values have a page on the company’s global web presence – ‘Kill complexity’, ‘Care more’, ‘Create legacy’ and ‘Never rest’.

Most of the space on these pages is devoted to showing how Aviva has put values into action. For example, ‘Never rest’ describes how the company allows customers to interact over Amazon’s Echo device: ‘We were the first UK insurer to deliver a Skill on Amazon’s Echo.’

‘Care more’ has the story of insuring customers after a wildfire destroyed homes in Canada, with an engaging embedded video. ‘Kill complexity’ also presents a customer case study to illustrate how it tries to simplify the claims process.

The takeaway

Values pages on corporate websites are often dull and clichéd, failing to say what is unique about a company’s ‘passion for excellence’ or ‘drive to innovate’, etc.

Facing public scepticism about ‘corporate values’, it is much more effective to illustrate the point with narratives that allow readers and viewers to decide for themselves. Values pages with well-told examples are also more memorable, and could help to convince a jobseeker, for example, that they want to work at the company.

Even if the company’s values themselves are dry or commonplace – which digital teams can’t do much about – it is usually possible to produce an interesting story to illustrate even the dullest value statement.

First published 12 June, 2019
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