Bayer : Selling the company virtually

Bayer has intriguing VR videos in its careers app.

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The feature

Bayer's careers landing page has a link to its Career App. This leads to a page where the app is described, and QR codes are provided to allow it to be downloaded for iOS or Android devices. 
The app has been available for a while, but has recently acquired its new #Bayer360 feature. This is a set of 360 degree videos covering the main locations, functional areas such as digital marketing and cardiovascular research, and three career areas: pharmacists, IT specialists and engineers. The videos can be watched in 2D on a smartphone or tablet, or in 3D using a VR headset.
Much of the information comes from the commentary - for example describing the Leverkusen site or organic chemistry research. The pictures show the buildings and employees, though the 3D functionality means it is possible to look all around.

The takeaway

Were these videos not 360 degree, they would be rather dull - there is no story, no attempt to show individuals, and the commentary is somewhat 'marketingy'. But the addition of the technology - especially when viewed through a headset - adds a certain something. Also, importantly, it underscores Bayer's all-important message that 'we are innovators'. 
Young people are the audience, and this is where the weakness may lie. Unlike their elders, many are used to 3D gaming, and are unlikely to be overwhelmed by the experience here. Bayer's job, surely, is to produce something that rivals Call of Duty. If it can.
First published 24 January, 2018
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