Nike : An option to skip?

A 'Skip' button on a corporate video could be useful but is poorly implemented

The feature

The sustainability microsite of Nike, the US-based sportswear giant, has a ‘Skip’ feature on the videos that introduce many of the sections.
When visitors land on the site, they can use a set of right-column links to navigate to different sections, or scroll down the page to reach them. Most of the sections showcase a video; for example, ‘Protecting our environment’ has a story about Carissa Moore, a champion surfer. Clicking ‘See Carissa’s story’ plays a video.
The ‘Skip’ option appears in the lower middle of the screen on mouse-over; one of only a limited set of options, including social media sharing and muting.

The takeaway

We can see the ‘Skip’ tool being useful if it were implemented in the right way. It recalls the Netflix-style ‘Skip intro’ feature that viewers will be used to in other contexts; and implies that the company values the viewer’s time. A video may be excellent (and in Nike’s case they are), but maybe visitors just want to move on to other things.
However, the way Nike has implemented the tool turns it into a hindrance rather than a help.
It is initially unclear to what destination  visitors are ‘skipping’. It turns out that using ‘Skip’ (or watching videos to the end) is the only way to see other content in the section. The fact that you must scroll once you have skipped the video is also unclear. We thought initially during our visits that the only option on the ‘Skip’ screen was to play the video again, and it took a little while to work out that you must scroll; which is likely to be frustrating for others too.
First published 20 March, 2019
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