UnitedHealth Group : Accessible careers chats

An online chat feature gives a wide range of options for jobseekers to ask questions about the company and recruiting process.

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The feature

UnitedHealth Group, a US-based health insurance giant, offers online chats with company recruiters in the careers section of its corporate website.

There are chats in nine functional areas, including ‘clinical’, ‘college’, ‘consulting’, ‘customer service’, ‘technology’, etc. Each of these has further ‘areas of interest’- for example, under ‘Clinical’ there are links for physicians, pharmacy, behavioural health. Days and times are given (in US central time), with links to access the chat.

A 2-minute video explains how to prepare for the chat and what kinds of questions to ask. The web page also suggests jobseekers ask about benefits, the business, CV-writing tips, interviewing tips and locations. If jobseekers cannot make the chats at the specific times, they can email questions; and there is an FAQ.

The section is responsive so jobseekers can access it on a smartphone.

The takeaway

UnitedHealth’s recruiter chats are unusual for their breadth of options and flexibility.

The range of functions means there is likely to be an option for most jobseekers, and also gives an immediate sense of the numerous career paths on offer. FAQs and chance to email questions are useful options for those who can’t make the specific time.

The video is welcoming, straightforward and informative; and will encourage uptake.

It is a good way to make the company seem friendly – and perhaps give recruiters a chance to cherry pick especially promising talent.

First published 17 May, 2017
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