T-Mobile US : A useful route-finder for prospective employees

The US mobile network operator provides a simple but useful tool to help jobseekers check their journey to work.

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The feature

Job vacancy description pages on T-Mobile US’s corporate website include a panel titled ‘Check your commute’. 
The panel consists of a Google map showing the location of the job vacancy in question. 
If jobseekers then click on a ‘View larger map’ link, they are taken to the Google Maps website, with the same location shown. From here, users can type in their home address to look up journey times via various modes of transport. 

The takeaway

The provision of a ‘check your commute’ feature on job vacancy description pages is a simple idea, but one that jobseekers will likely appreciate.
Moreover, by offering this helpful tool, T-Mobile amplifies the message that it is a considerate employer. Indeed, this is a message that the company works hard to transmit elsewhere on its job vacancy description pages; another panel is titled ‘We’ll take care of you’, and highlights employee benefits at the firm (see screenshot above). 
But the ‘check your commute’ feature could be improved. For example, some jobseekers would likely prefer to be able to look up their commute options directly on the page, without the need to link through to the Google Maps site. 
First published 14 October, 2019
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