Adobe : A creative Instagram presence

A US software company uses excellence in visual design, a core part of the corporate identity, as the theme for its Instagram channel.

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The feature

Adobe, which makes software for designers, bases its Instagram presence on excellence in visual design.

The company crowdsources the most imaginative and striking images from its 753,000 followers (up from 600,000 in January). For the month of July, Adobe’s followers are being encouraged to send sky- and space-related images with the hashtag ‘#Adobe_Cosmos’. June’s theme was ‘Adobe in colour’, and when we previously visited the site in January, the theme was minimalism, under the hashtag ‘#lessismore’.

The takeaway

Adobe’s Instagram presence is a creative and appropriate use of the channel, where people seek out memorable images to comment on and share. Adobe’s approach is highly engaging for customers, and informative and fun for jobseekers.

Some companies will want to use Instagram to make a more conventional and direct appeal to their online audiences, by more frequently featuring employees in posts, for example. However, introducing an appropriate theme for a set period could be a way to generate new interest; similar to ‘Instagram takeovers’, in which an employee posts exclusively to the channel for a few days or a week.
First published 18 July, 2018
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