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The Web Effectiveness Conference (WEC) brings a business perspective to the web and was born as a natural extension of our popular Web Effectiveness Network (WEN) meetings. As with all Bowen Craggs & Co events the conferences are sponsor- and vendor-free. While that is reflected in the cost of attendance, it ensures a sales-pitch-free environment in which delegates get to share and learn in open discussions and expand their 'A' network in a social, informal, collegiate atmosphere.

Themes for 2017

A challenge for every online manager is getting their bosses and colleagues to understand just why online communications matters, and how they must work together to make it effective.

We were delighted to have Simon Saville as our keynote speaker. Simon is just retiring after 16 years running Shell’s digital comms - not everything has been a triumph, as he told us, but getting governance - the art of getting one's own way - right has been key to the many successes his team had.

We also had speakers from GSK on using benchmarking and survey data to provide the evidence sceptical colleagues demand, and SAP and Aegon on generating the best quality content from colleagues around the world. We even had a magician who specialises in helping managers persuade …

As always, we also tried to look forward, over the horizon - Michael Schmidtke of Bosch explained how the Internet of Things will change our content and our communication. 

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