Index of Online Excellence 2019

We reviewed the online estates of the world's largest 200 companies, to find the 30 best

Is this the new golden age for corporate web design?

When we published the last Index of Online Excellence, in February 2018, we said that 'there were signs' that online communication was being taken more seriously. It was tentative stuff, but only 15 months later we can be much more confident: there has been a significant jump in standards for many companies, which we hope has come from burgeoning management interest. Is our unglamorous corner of business finally getting the stardust it needs?

Click to download the 2019 Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence report

Download the 2019 Index of Online Excellence PDF (1.1 mb)

In the downloadable booklet you will find:

  • Commentary by David Bowen
  • Full results tables with scores for the top 30
  • Lessons from the Index leaders
  • Social media: new channels and old
  • Methodology
  • Behind the Index scores

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Click here to read what Forbes had to say about the latest Index: The World's best corporate websites 2019: What makes them effective, by Samantha Todd.

Watch a recording of David Bowen's webinar discussing the 2019 Index


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