Our five strengths

Five qualities make us unique among corporate communications advisors and agencies: independence, expertise, clarity, credibility and internationalism.

1. Independence

We do not build websites, manage campaigns, create content or sell software. Our only interest is in providing impartial advice. We have no agency partnerships; this means we can work alongside you with no conflict of interest. For example, many clients ask us to give feedback on work-in-progress by their web design agencies during launch projects – to review concepts, demos and and suggest course corrections.

2. Expertise

The founders of Bowen Craggs were business journalists who began benchmarking corporate websites in the mid-1990s. Our current team of senior consultants are experts in both business and digital communications channels. We come from a range of backgrounds – journalism, web management, content development, design agency, analytics. This gives us a unique perspective on why corporate digital channels are different. Our clients see us as trusted advisors. Alongside larger consulting projects, we help clients to build an investment case, find a quick answer or link them to peers in our network who can share their experience.

3. Clarity

Our clients appreciate the clarity of our analysis and directness of our recommendations. We answer difficult questions and challenge our clients’ thinking. In our reports and presentations, we avoid jargon and use clear language, which is designed to be easily understood by those for whom English is a second language. Our materials can be translated if required.

4. Credibility

Our independence, expertise and clarity give us credibility with clients. They return to us over and over again. Our Index of Online Excellence and Explain Yourself Index (which have been published in the Financial Times, Forbes, the Economist and many other publications), give us credibility with bosses. We back up our advice with evidence. We do not jump on bandwagons. This is why clients ask us to help build their case internally – perhaps by showing the CEO where the website falls short of competitors, or presenting visitor survey data to HR colleagues that demonstrates why it makes sense to merge a careers microsite with the main site.

5. Internationalism

We are based in London but 80 per cent of our business is outside the UK. We know about the cultural issues that affect the corporate communications needs of organizations in different parts of the world. We understand the tension between ‘global’ and ‘local’ teams and channels. For example, we have helped many of our clients re-organize the relationship between global online corporate communications channels and country-level ones.