Our five strengths

Bowen Craggs’ consulting and research services are unique to online corporate communications and rooted in an unparalleled combination of elements that enables us to deliver practical advice to clients worldwide

The qualities that make us unique

1. Global understanding

We think globally and act globally. We understand cultural and other issues that affect the corporate communications needs of organizations in different parts of the world. Our working language is English, but we have associates who are fluent in a range of languages. Even though we are based in London 80 per cent of our business is outside the UK.

2. Independence

We do not build websites, manage campaigns, develop content or sell software. Our only interest is in providing impartial advice. We have no agency partnerships - this means we can work alongside you with no conflict of interest.

3. Expertise

We have been analysing commercial and organizational websites since the mid-1990s. Our analysts are experts in both business and the web – we do not use junior staff. We have no 'B' team.

4. Credibility

Our client list, which includes companies from the FTSE 100, Dow Jones, the DAX and CAC 40, speaks for itself. Clients return to us over and again. Please ask if you would like to talk to a reference.

5. Clarity

Our founders worked as business journalists and understand that clarity of expression is critical. We avoid jargon and produce reports or presentations in clear language. They can be translated if required.