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Membership of our Online Effectiveness database is an exclusive pass to scores and commentary for the more than 100 global companies in the Bowen Craggs Index plus highlighted best practice from the top performers. It offers a robust, credible and globally recognised method that provides a realistic comparison with peers and recommendations for improvement. It also acts as the source of the data driving the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence.

We are in the process of comprehensively overhauling the database and have already made substantial improvements. In particular we now look at the 200 biggest companies in the world as ranked in the FT Global 500, rather than restricting ourselves to fewer than 100. That means it has a much deeper pool of best practice and has brought a number of new entrants into the Bowen Craggs Index.

Another change is that we have renamed the database from 'Web Effectiveness' to 'Online Effectiveness' to emphasise the importance we attach to social media and other channels.

We will soon be launching a substantially upgraded search mechanism, which will make it easier to pull out all the best practice we have found in the 200 companies.

Your company need not feature in the Index for you to use the service: we will review your website and add it to the database when you subscribe. With a premium-level Confidential subscription you will also receive a detailed analysis supported by a set of practical recommendations illustrated with tailored best practice examples from around the web.

As well as providing guidelines for improvement, our review of corporate online effectiveness at this level establishes a ‘performance gap’ metric-by-metric of how your enterprise performs against a selection of peer companies from a range of sectors and geographies. Social media indicators are woven into our methodology so that companies are credited for their use of social media as part of their communications effort. Pick up incisive granular advice on what to do and how to do it, reduce mistakes, cut development time – saving you effort and money.

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