COP15 Copenhagen : Targeting constituencies

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A refreshing approach customises background information.

The Site

COP15 Copenhagen, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark, customises its presentations of background information for key interest groups.

COP15 Copenhagen provides a set of ‘Information for’ quick links in the right-hand column of pages in three of the site’s seven sections: About COP15, News and Climate facts. Information for… is also a sub-section of About COP15 and features in the left-hand section menu.

The links cover five of the event’s key constituencies: delegates, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), researchers, press and businesses. Clicking a link opens a landing page headed by a panel of three featured pieces of content (articles, facts or research depending on the audience); each is illustrated with a high-quality image and clicks through to the full content from a headline and summary caption. Below this display is a selection of linked headlines/summaries to Additional pages of interest; five are shown, with more accessible from a page-number string at the foot of the presentation.

The Takeaway

COP15’s focus may well be on climate change but its ‘Information for’ feature shows it knows a thing or two about content change and getting its message across to multiple audiences. Having identified key groups with which it wants to communicate it approaches the task by treating them as customers for information. This leads to the most unusual but highly effective customising of content in the about section and the seeding of quick links to it on selected other areas of the site.

Within the context of general background, interest-specific information is packaged and brought to particular users, rather than them having to search for or navigate to it. All told, the service is much neater, appealing and user-friendly than the standard related-links option.

First published on 17 December, 2009