Virgin Atlantic : Knowing wink

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Culture-setting humour rests on serious attention to detail.

The Site

Virgin Atlantic, a UK-based long haul airline, sets a dress-down tone on its careers site with an appropriate injection of humour.

Virgin Atlantic has a standalone careers site that is accessible from all pages on its main site via a staging page. Within Careers, the universal left navigation menu is grounded on a boxed purple panel bearing the inscription ‘Quick! The boss is coming!!’ reversed out in white.

Clicking the panel opens a secondary browser window that obscures the Careers page. The window displays a page headed Current Organisational Performance and carrying a bar chart with seven indicators that feature Director Benefits, boredom and Profit as top scorers (90 per cent or higher) and Morale and fun as marginal (10 per cent or lower).

The Takeaway

Virgin Atlantic has always been branded with the same unstuffy slightly unconventional but people-friendly air cultivated successfully by its founder, the British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. The conspiratorial touch of humour shown on its careers site – of course you’re job hunting on your current employer’s time – is thus entirely in keeping with the tone of the organisation and sets an appropriately sympathetic mood.

The attention given to carrying the employee-sided humour through in the detail of the ‘Quick!’ page demonstrates, though, that underneath the smile the company is serious about what it does.

First published on 10 November, 2009