Adobe : Showing its concern

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An excellent example of well conceived and executed CSR content.

The Site

Adobe, the US-based design software giant, hosts a lively and innovative youth media initiative within its corporate responsibility pages.

Adobe’s Company section has a Corporate Affairs area that deals with ‘community relations’ activities and features Adobe Youth Voices as the leading item on its introduction page. An illustrated graphic with a ‘Learn more’ link explains that Youth Voices is “A global philanthropic initiative empowering youth to create with purpose”.

The connected mini-site provides a forum and showcase for the results of the initiative – short films, animations, documentaries and photo-essays produced by school students “in underserved communities” supported by Youth Voices. The films can be reviewed and rated by site visitors.

The Takeaway

Adobe’s provision of an online showcase for the students it supports is a logical and appropriate extension of the Youth Voices project. As corporate web content it is an excellent example of that too-rare thing: an integrated, well-conceived, well executed CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative that works through – and so reinforces – the company’s core business.

The Youth Voices mini-site gives Adobe a ready stream of case studies and ‘real voices’ to back up its corporate philanthropy message. By showcasing the company’s product range but also demonstrating what “underserved” students can achieve, the work also effectively answers a perceived ‘expert user’ barrier (‘if these kids can be this creative with our products, so can you’). In some hands that would backfire, but not here thanks to the combination of context and execution – to say nothing of the quality of the students’ work.

First published on 11 September, 2008