EDF Energy : Convincing graduates

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A degree of personality in graduate profiles that endorses their credibility.

The Site

EDF Energy’s standalone graduate recruitment site is based around information on eight graduate schemes linked to different roles within the business (for example, Engineering, IT, Legal). Each includes a Profile that opens on a page dominated by a photo-mosaic in which each ‘tile’ shows the profilee going about their day.

Rolling over an image opens a caption frame next to it in which the person describes a related aspect of their work life. This always includes some common themes – such as getting to work, the variety of challenges and life after/outside work – but the telling is convincingly individual ranging from relatively sober (the engineer) to positively bubbling (the in-house lawyer). All the profiles are clearly labelled as coming from the graduate intake of September 2006.

The Takeaway

Companies have been putting employee profiles on their websites for just about as long as they’ve had them. And for all that time they have struggled to find a tone of voice that will convince ever-more sceptical graduates they aren’t reading something ghost-written by the HR department or transcribed at the end of a cattle prod. EDF Energy has come up with a way.

The most obvious element is allowing each graduate profilee to describe things in their own way and from their own perspective. It’s unlikely this has been achieved without any polishing (unless a fluent writing style is a mandatory qualification), which is testimony to the importance accorded to sensitive editing. Other signs of an editorial structure to the feature include the unobtrusive coverage of certain themes and the studied informality of the images. The use of the web is equally adept. The image-based presentation and elements of interactivity engage users as well as reinforce the tone – and the site has been designed to meet accessibility guidelines.


First published on 01 November, 2007