VT Group : Opening the newspaper

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Job seekers are offered an insight into the real world of the business.

The Site

VT Group, a UK-based shipbuilder and government contractor, gives job seekers an insight into the company through its in-house newspaper.

The Working for VT overview page in the Recruitment section includes an invitation to “Read our in-house newspaper” under the heading ‘Find out more about working for VT’. A link leads to a PDF version of the eight-page publication, VTi, which opens in a secondary window. The edition on view in August 2007 was dated Winter 2005/6. There is no link to the newsletter archive, in the Literature area of the News and Events section, which has the two succeeding editions.

The Takeaway

Most large companies produce an in-house newspaper or journal. While some offer them to a public readership via their websites, VT Group is rare in deliberately targeting job seekers as an audience, though the potential interest seems obvious enough as part of a ‘what it’s like to work here’ package. Perhaps it’s a little too mundane and unglamorous for most HR departments to contemplate, but for the same reasons job seekers may find it more convincing as a glimpse beyond reception. That, of course, depends greatly on the quality of the publication – not always good or given much credibility by the internal audience, which may be a stronger reason for keeping it under wraps.

VT lets itself down by its poor maintenance of the feature. Posting an ages-old edition of the newsletter sends out the wrong messages (for example, that commitment to regular internal communications is low) and is inexcusable given the presence elsewhere on the site of more recent issues.


First published on 14 August, 2007