The Royal Bank of Scotland : Returning readers

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Embedded return buttons provide an easy way back from linked archive pages.

The Site

The Royal Bank of Scotland’s group website includes a Community Investment area within its main Corporate Responsibility section. The introduction page has a tailored selection of Latest News stories. This consists of a list of headlines, with date, that are linked to press releases. Some of these sit in Community Involvement, but several open pages in the Press Releases archive of the site’s Media Centre. Releases open in the current browser window but have a ‘Back to previous page’ button incorporated that allows users to return easily to the Community Involvement area after reading the release.

The Takeaway

Section-specific news selections outside of investor relations are something of a rarity but can add an extra dimension to coverage of the topic. Problems arise, however, if the news content draws on archives elsewhere – they are usually in the media area – because this cuts visitors off from the section they are interested in. Irritating for them, and not the best way to keep them engaged with your message.

Content management systems can allow the same content to be used in more than one area. However, the many companies without a suitable CMS must seek other answers. The Royal Bank of Scotland has two: a dedicated archive, so that visitors stay within the section and its navigation; and, more unusually, the inclusion in out-of-section releases of a ‘back’ button that returns readers to the point at which they broke away. Of course, browsers have a back button that performs the same function, but providing it on-site is a more usable and user-friendly gesture.

First published on 09 November, 2006