Eddie Stobart : Under-delivering on a message

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Lack of follow-up weakens featured home-page content.

The Site

Eddie Stobart, a UK transport services and warehousing company, fills the main panel of its website’s home page with a goods train image captioned with a ‘Stobart fact”. This relates to the fuel-saving efficiency of Stobart’s new train service which, it says, “is equivalent to taking the entire Eddie Stobart Fleet off the road for three weeks in every year”.

There are no links from the panel to further information about fuel efficiency measures generally in the company or about the train service (the only other mention of it on the site is in news releases for its launch a month ago).

The Takeaway

Like the distinctive livery of its transport fleet, Eddie Stobart’s home page ‘fact’ feature makes an immediate and memorable impression, bathing the company in a favourable ‘green’ glow. However, the lack of follow through into the rest of the site shows a disappointing failure to grasp the potential of the medium and the idea, as well as taking some of the shine off the company’s environmental credentials.

‘Snapshot’ facts are an engaging way of introducing people to a company, and sprinkling the site with them would fit well with the fan club culture that has grown up around the Stobart wagon fleet. The limitless storage capacity of a website also presents an opportunity to say more about the company’s environmental management and performance, so the lack of any such information inevitably casts some doubt on the depth of its commitment to responsible practices. And not offering more about the train service is just plain commercial inefficiency.


First published on 17 October, 2006