eMarketer : Getting the mail through

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A simple message increases the likelihood of e-mail newsletters getting past spam filters.

The Site

eMarketer, a US-based e-business and online marketing researcher, has a simple on-site sign-up for its free daily e-mail newsletter that includes advice on how to stop mailings being blocked by spam filters.

Potential subscribers are taken to a sign-up form that asks only for an e-mail address and confirmation of an on-screen numerical code. Below the form is a piece of advice, prominently headlined ‘Reminder’ in bold red type, on how to prevent the newsletter mailings being blocked by spam filters: “To avoid spam filter problems and make sure you receive your eMarketer Daily, don’t forget to add emarketer_daily@emarketer.com to your address book. Thank you”.

The Takeaway

E-mail newsletters are a standard tool in online customer relationship management and lead generation. The amount of information they ask of potential subscribers during the sign-up process varies greatly, reflecting to an extent a judgement call between meeting the marketing need for data and stopping applicants from abandoning the attempt. eMarketer takes the latter consideration a step further by anticipating an issue beyond the point of sign-up that could also eat into its subscriber base, and in a way it may not be alerted to.

Whether subscribers are using their own spam filters or rely on company blockers they will have a much higher chance of finding the e-mail in their in-box if they add eMarketer to their contact list. But without a simple reminder like this, it is doubtful many of them would bother. So, by prompting them to ‘clear’ the newsletter address, eMarketer increases the chance of maintaining an active link with customers and prospects.


First published on 28 March, 2006