David Bowen commentaries

In his regular columns for the Financial Times and ft.com, senior consultant David Bowen has pursued themes ranged from customer relationship management and career marketing to ‘ethical’ retailing and royal family sites. His collected Financial Times and ft.com columns from January 2001 onward are indexed by theme and available for viewing on this site.

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  • Why Coke’s corporate blog is for real Renowned for its closely guarded trademark drink recipe, The Coca-Cola Company is now testing out a formula for company blogs. A Q&A with the instigator of Coca-Cola Conversations.
  • How to get a good night’s sleep If the inability of those around you to get the web is keeping you awake into the small hours, make it too valuable to ignore, says David Bowen.
  • How yesterday plays today It began with a piece of best practice from the grocery trade and has racked up 500 more since. But while BC Tips has had a long shelf-life, how far has the internet moved on since 2003?
  • When comms people gather The first Web Effectiveness Conference for online communicators scored highly with delegates and contributors. A round up of highlights, by David Bowen.
  • When less may be more One of the world’s biggest companies has a minimalist website that has barely changed in 10 years. Which might not be such a bad thing, says David Bowen.
  • Why it’s worth exploring NASA There’s no need to follow NASA to distant planets to share its discoveries in how to give website visitors a rewarding landing, says David Bowen.
  • Where priorities divide Few corporate websites strike a happy balance between structure and content. Regional biases play a big part in which side of the scale they come down on, says David Bowen.
  • Where have all the social media gone? Most of the largest corporate websites inhabit a place that social media have passed by. And the experimenters are still stumbling toward the light, says David Bowen.
  • What sound advice Top 10 do’s and don’ts for audio on corporate websites.
  • Why the BRICs are in the place they are Companies from the world’s coming generation of powerhouse economies – the so-called BRICs – propped up this year’s FT Bowen Craggs Index. But they have much to build on, says David Bowen.