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Measuring what matters in digital corporate communications

Measuring what matters in digital corporate communications

Global best practice in analytics, visitor surveys and key performance indicators. How to customise and benchmark your analytics to have more informed conversations with your internal stakeholders. Best practice in visitor surveys - identifying who people are, why they visit and whether they got what they came for.

Download Measuring what matters in corporate communications.

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Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence 2016

A ranking of the world's best online communicators. The revamped Bowen Craggs Index – and the best practice database underlying it – lists the 30 best corporate online communicators in the world. It is the most credible list of the large companies that are performing best online – taking into account all online comms channels – websites, mobile, social media, apps, etc.

Download The BC Index of Online Excellence 2016 or read more in our Index section.

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The Top 10


The Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence is a unique guide to the best in internet corporate communications. Our ranking is the result of a thorough sifting of the 200 biggest companies by market cap to find the 30 best. Here we present the top 10.

Download The Top 10 

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Best practice in online investor relations

Lessons from the best companies in the world. Inside:

  • Rankings of the best companies in the world at online IR, based on Bowen Craggs' just released 2016 Index of Online Excellence.
  • Investor audience profiles, corporate website visitor research and best practice guidelines for serving different groups - analysts who know your company, analysts researching your company and individual investors.
  • Examples of good practice in serving investors online - presenting financial results, explaining company strategy, making individual investors feel welcome and more.

Download Best practice in online investor relations: Lessons from the best companies in the world.

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Digital managers agenda 2016

Hot topics in 2016

In January 2016 Bowen Craggs & Co ran an online survey of the digital managers in its Web Effectiveness Network (from some of the largest, most recognisable organizations in the world), revealing their top issues, priorities and challenges for the year ahead. We received 49 responses, mainly from Europe and North America, across a range of sectors...

Download the Digital managers agenda 2016 pdf

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Online content strategy white paper 2015

Fragmentation ahead: Creating, implementing and measuring your online content strategy 

By Jason Sumner, Helen Lindsay and Scott Payton

  • Results of an online survey of digital managers’ main challenges, successes and content strategy plans. 
  • Analysis of online content strategy trends: changing audiences, channel and device proliferation, geographic fragmentation and measurement. 
  • Advice from Bowen Craggs on creating an online content strategy appropriate for your organization.

Download our sample Online content strategy research report
Download the Online content strategy webinar slides

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Home page white paper 2015


Window on your world: Lessons for an effective corporate home page 

By David Bowen and Jason Sumner

  • The three roles of a corporate home page
  • Evaluating home page trends: are they right for your organization?
  • Advice and best practice on specific home page features
  • Drawing on expertise from Bowen Craggs & Co and interviews with digital managers who run some of the most effective home pages in the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence

Download our 'Window on your world' home page research report

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