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Persuasion: A novel theme for 2017

Getting other people to do what you want is a critical part of any digital manager’s job. David Bowen suggests who to persuade, and how.

Facebook beyond the feed

The social media giant’s web estate is often frustrating to navigate. However, there are pockets of brilliance and originality; and signs that the company’s approach to online...

Voice recognition: is it time for web managers to listen?

Technology that deciphers human speech is fast gaining traction; with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft leading the charge, Scott Payton says. What should web managers be doing now to prepare?

Exxon in Wonderland

ExxonMobil's corporate site is really good in some ways - but its navigation is as insane as ever, David Bowen says.

What to do with the poor old media section?

The exploding complexity of the media world has left the Cinderella of website sections behind, says David Bowen.

Does your IR section sell your firm short?

Corporate giants can learn a thing or two from smaller firms when it comes to presenting an investment case online, argues Scott Payton.

Fashion and good navigation can work together. Maybe.

There are some promising new attempts to tackle the ‘navigation challenge’, David Bowen says.

Does ‘what you do’ drive your visitors to Wikipedia?

Jason Sumner asks why some companies find it so hard to say what it is they actually do.

If you pay your taxes, why not shout about it?

Paying corporate tax is matter of reputation management and social responsibility. So why, David Bowen asks, do so few companies that pay up talk about tax effectively on their corporate...